SYW Mobile APPs

You can save time & money by using the Shop Your Way Mobile APPs. There are a bunch of them, and each one does different things. See the sections below for links. Here’s the quick & dirty on what each APP does:

  1. Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way APP – allows clients to chat with their personal shopper to get advice & product recommendations. This is the quickest & easiest way to communicate with your Personal Shopper.
  2. Shop Your Way (SYW) Mobile APP – allows you to load digital coupons to your SYW account, check your points balance & surprise points, play sweeps, create catalogs & shop via the APP.
  3. Sears APP – lets you shop online & make purchases at Sears. This also has exclusive seasonal games to earn rewards.
  4. Kmart APP – lets you shop online & make purchases at Kmart, . This has exclusive seasonal games to earn rewards that are only available through the APP.

Personal Shopper APP by Shop Your Way 

…the easy way to communicate with your Personal Shopper

If you selected me, Lisa Stark, as your Personal Shopper, I recommend loading this APP first so we can communicate about what you want to save money on & what you are shopping for. The Personal Shopper APP allows you to:

  • Direct chat with your Personal Shopper
  • Make shopping easy
  • Get recommendations personalized for you
  • Add items to a Wish List
  • Stay on track & never miss a date
  • Get help with gift ideas & purchases you’re considering
  • Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, holiday & special events
  • view product recommendations & custom catalogs created by your Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way APP

Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way APP

Let your Personal Shopper help you with shopping decisions. If you selected me, Lisa Stark, as your Personal Shopper, the easiest way to communicate with me quickly is to download the Personal Shopper APP to your smartphone or tablet. Through the Personal Shopper APP, you get to talk to a real person (me!), your Personal Shopper. The Personal Shopper APP makes it easy to direct chat with your Personal Shopper, see custom catalogs, product recommendations, keep track of your gifting needs & home essentials. You can  with me, add items to a wish list, create shopping lists & see custom catalogs, deals & product links.


1) Download the Personal Shopper APP for Android  or iPhone 

2) Login with the same email & password you use to login on

3) Enter zip code 60179 to access the app– this does not change your profile just gives you access to the app!

Download the Shop Your Way APP

…for up to 20% in savings or points! (and get more coupons)

The SYW Mobile APP allows you to:

  • Load coupons digitally
  • Shop for millions of products & earn rewards from top brands
  • Discover products & save them for later in catalogs
  • Check out product reviews
  • Shop-In to unlock daily deals, extra coupons & in-vehicle order pickup (link to In-Vehicle Pickup post)
  • View your surprise points, PIN, purchase history & member info
  • Play sweeps
Shop Your Way Mobile APP  for iOS

Shop Your Way Mobile APP for iOS

You can load coupons on the website using Coupons in the Rewards tab, but the coupons are different from the coupons on the SYW Mobile APP. I have found that the SYW Mobile APP for phone/tablet often has better, but more short-term coupons that expire in a day; it’s designed to be able to use while you ShopIn in the store. You can load both versions of coupons to your account. Keep in mind that you can only use one coupon per purchase, so if you have multiple coupons, just split up your order (same as you would in-store). Remember that any Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers invalidate all coupons & Surprise Points, so pay for BOGO offers separately. I say this because Kmart often has BOGO offers on shoes. This especially goes for layaways. If you have a layaway, you can only use one coupon on the layaway & if you have BOGO offers in your cart they will invalidate all coupons.

To download the SYW Mobile APP to your phone, text APP to 73277 to get the link sent to your phone.  Message & data rates may apply. The APP allows you to download coupons digitally to your account. If you have a tablet, you can use this link to download the SYW Mobile APP:

Sears APP…makes purchasing fast & easy

The Sears APP allows you to:

  • Research & order products
  • Check local product availability
  • See the Sears Local Ad
  • Make layaway payments
  • Arrange shipping & delivery
  • Use in-vehicle delivery for merchandise pickup
  • Exclusive access to special contests
Sears APP

Sears APP

The Sears APP is available on Android & iOS by using this link: After you download the Sears APP, you need to login to your SYW Rewards account on the Sears APP with your SYW email & password.

Get the Kmart APP…shop smarter!

The Kmart APP allows you to:

  • Check local product availability
  • Bluelight Specials Alerts
  • Freebie Friday Fix coupons
  • Start a layaway on your phone
  • Get free shipping on every item you order while in the store
  • Make layaway payments
  • Check order status, shipping, delivery & returns
Kmart APP

Kmart APP

Kmart runs different Bluelight specials online than they do in-store.  The Kmart APP is an easy way to see what the Bluelight specials are. The Freebie Friday coupons are exclusively on the Kmart APP. You have to click the link on the front page of the Kmart APP to digitally load the Freebie Friday coupon to your SYW rewards account. Once you load the coupon, you have till Sunday to use it in-store at your local Kmart. The Freebie Friday coupon is only good Friday through Sunday & after that it disappears. Periodically Kmart runs exclusive in-store search games on the Kmart APP for chances to win prizes.

The Kmart APP is available on Android & iOS: After you download the Kmart APP, you need to login to your SYW Rewards account on the Sears APP with your SYW email & password.

Select Lisa Stark as your FREE Personal Shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program

Want to save time & money? My clients get extra coupons & rewards offers. If you haven’t selected your FREE Personal Shopper yet, add me, Lisa Stark, as your FREE Personal Shopper! You will have to log in first to, then click on this link to select me as your Personal Shopper. Need help with your shopping list? I can help you get your shopping done.