Surprise Points

Surprise Points are awesome!

I love Surprise Points at Sears & Kmart! It’s a fantastic way to save. ALWAYS read the fine print on each offer. The best part is that many Surprise Point offers stack with SYW coupons. Every Surprise Point offer if different and has different exclusions. Some you can use with coupons & some you can’t.

Make sure to click the “Follow” button on your Surprise Points page. I recommend checking your Surprise Points before you shop so you’ll know  what offers you have. Make sure to look at the fine print (store, department, exclusions, expiration date). If you don’t use them, they disappear. Here’s the link to see your Surprise Points:

Surprise Points are automatically generated by the SYW computer system. You get them based on what you purchase &     also based what you “want” and “like” on The website is hugely interactive & will customize to what you are looking for. Because Surprise Points are system generated by the computer they cannot be replace if they expire. If you return an item, the Surprise Point offer will disappear & will not be refunded; I recommend if you exchange something you purchased with Surprise Points, to ask a store manager to do an even exchange in a single transaction so you get the same price on the new item & don’t lose the Surprise Points.

Here are some Pro Tips for using Surprise Points:

  • Surprise Point Tip #1:

You must spend EQUAL or MORE than your Surprise Points to redeem the offer.

Example: If you have a Surprise Point offer for $5 on a $20 purchase, you must have a total of $20 or more in your cart (before taxes and other fees) to qualify to use the points. It will not work if you have $19.99 in your cart!

  • Surprise Point Tip #2:


Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers invalidate ALL Surprise Points & coupons, so pay for all BOGO offers in a separate transaction if you want to use either Surprise Points or SYW coupons.

Here is the list of things that invalidate ALL coupons & surprise point offers:

  • BOGO offers
  • Hot Buys
  • Insane Deals
  • Everyday Great Prices

Example: Kmart frequently has shoes on BOGO. Make sure to read the signage in-store or online before you checkout. If you have 2 pairs of shoes on BOGO in your cart, you have gotten a great deal, but if you have either a fantastic coupon offer or surprise points you want to use, the BOGO will invalidate coupons & Surprise points for your entire cart. Moral of the story: Pay for any BOGO items separately, then you will be able to use your coupon or surprise points in a separate transaction for the rest of your merchandise (as long as you meet the minimum requirements for each offer).

  • Surprise Point Tip #3:

Check your Surprise Points page before you shop to see your personalized offers. There are several ways to do this:

  • If you are on a desktop or laptop: Log into and type “surprise points” into the search bar to bring up your Surprise Points page.
  • If you are on a cell phone or mobile device: Download the SYW APP for either Android or iOS. Click on the 3 dots (…) with MORE in the bottom right corner, then click on “My Account” & then click “Account” on the next screen. Click on “Surprise Points >”

If you are shopping in-store and do not have access to wifi, I recommend printing out your Surprise Points page before you shop, that way you can have the fine print in front of you while you shop. It’s a bit old school, but it works.

  • Surprise Point Tip #4:

ALL Surprise Point offers are individualized & are based on your spending at Sears & Kmart.

You cannot share your Surprise Point offers with other SYW members. They are linked to the spending on your SYW Rewards account. The more you spend at Sears & Kmart, the more Surprise Point offers you get.

  • Surprise Point Tip #5:

Rule of Thumb = ALWAYS check the fine print on Surprise Point offers for requirements & exclusions. Each offer is different!

Common Kmart exclusions include:

“Excludes Food, Household Cleaning, Beauty and Health Care, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Office and School Supplies, Batteries, Party Supplies sold in the Greeting Card department, Books and Magazines, Prescriptions, Pharmacy, Alcohol and Tobacco items, Clearance and all other coupons and surprise points.”

  • Surprise Point Tip #6

You need your PIN to redeem over $10 in points. Forgot your PIN? Text PIN to 73277.*

*Message & data rates may apply. You MUST have your cell phone number in the cell phone field on your SYW Rewards account to use this feature.

  • Surprise Point Tip #7:

Want more Surprise Points (or coupons)? “Like” & “Want” 5-7 similar items sold by Sears or Kmart on to trigger more offers!

This also works to trigger better coupons for the things you want. This frequently works if an item costs $25 or more. Just liking/wanting one item will not do it. You need to BOTH “like” (click the little heart above the item on and “want” (click the little gift box icon above the item on 5-7 of similar items all sold by either Sears or Kmart. Most Surprise Point offers are store specific, so if you want Surprise Points at Kmart, like/want 5-7 similar items sold by Kmart. This tends to work well for large purchases, like appliances. Surprise Point offers usually come out every Thursday, so if you want to trigger a Surprise Point offer to use Thursday-Sunday, make sure to go in & like/want the items before 6PM CST on Wednesday night.

This frequently works immediately for coupons, so make sure to go into your SYW coupons offers to check your offers after you like/want a bunch of related items. If you find new coupon offers, you must click to load them digitally to your account if you want to use them…it’s similar to clipping a coupon out of the newspaper, just digitally instead.

  • Surprise Point Tip #8:

Surprise Points are store specific for either Sears or Kmart. Surprise Points cannot be used at Sears Hometown stores, Sears Appliance Stores, Sears Outlets, Sears Hardware stores, or Land’s End stores located inside Sears.

  • Surprise Point Tip #9:

Surprise point offers are one use only. Once you apply them to your cart, they disappear & you cannot get them back!

  • If you use Surprise Points to purchase something in-store at Sears or Kmart, you do not get the Surprise Points back if you return an item.
  • Once you apply your Surprise Points to an on-line transaction on,, or, the points are used & you cannot get them back to use on another transaction.
  • If you change your mind and remove items from your cart after you have applied your Surprise Points, your Surprise Points may disappear.
  • If you apply your Surprise Points to your cart & leave your cart overnight, if the system clears your cart overnight & removes the items from your cart, your Surprise Points will also disappear.

Moral of the story = Do not apply your Surprise Points to an online transaction until you are ready to pay for the order.

  • Surprise Point Tip #10:

Surprise Point Terms & Conditions

Scroll down to the bottom of your Surprise Points page on to see the Terms & Conditions.

“Shop Your Way surprise points that are not redeemed on or before their expiration date will expire on that date. Use and redemption of surprise points are subject to full Shop Your Way Terms and Conditions that are available at Surprise points can be applied at checkout upon purchase of qualifying item(s) meeting the specified purchase requirements. Purchase requirement calculated before taxes and after other discounts have been applied and must be made in a single transaction. Surprise points are not transferable. Limit one offer per transaction. Excludes, and Lands’ End stores. Excludes Sears Hometown, Outlet, Appliance Showroom and Hardware Stores.”*

*These Terms & Conditions were in effect as of 12/7/16.

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