Lisa Stark, Personal Shopper

Hi, I’m Lisa Stark, a Personal Shopper for Shop Your Way & a customer service expert with a passion for finding bargains. I’m a traveler and a planner. You’re equally likely to find me out hiking, whipping up something in the kitchen, crunching budgets, chatting with friends online, or researching my next adventure. Let me help you with surprise points & coupons. Find out about the latest deals & trends. I share my faves!  My goal is to help you save time & money! Want exclusive discounts & reward offers for Sears & Kmart?


Here’s how to add me as your Personal Shopper

1) You will have to log in first to Shop Your Way

2) Stay logged in & click on this “become a client” link to select me as your free Personal Shopper.

PRO TIP: If you already shop at Sears or Kmart & have a SYW membership, you will need to link your existing membership to your online membership. Click on your name up in the header after you first log in; if you do not see your rewards point balance next to your name, you will need to link your existing membership. Here’s how: 1) click on your name in the header, 2) then click Join/Link in the dropdown box. 3) type in your 16-digit SYW rewards member number & add your contact info. If you don’t know your member number, call SYW Member Services at 800-991-8708. They can give you your member number & update your account information like email, address & phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost?

It’s free to become a Shop Your Way member & earn rewards! My services as a Personal Shopper are free to my clients. I earn a small commission on items that my clients purchase.

Isn’t it expensive to have a Personal Shopper?

Nope. Having a Personal Shopper is a free perk for Shop Your Way members! As a Personal Shopper I search for offers and deals to save my clients money. My goal is to get my clients the best deals & maximize the rewards they get back. My philosophy is that it’s not about spending more; it’s about getting more for what you spend.

What is Shop Your Way Rewards?

Shop Your Way (SYW) is the rewards program for Sears, Kmart & Land’s End. By signing up as a Shop Your Way member (it’s free) you can earn & redeem your SYW rewards at Sears, Kmart & Land’s End.  Members earn 10 Points or more for every $1.00 spent on qualified purchases. You can also earn rewards at hundreds of SYW Partners like Walmart, Target, Sephora, Ulta, Uber, Zipcar, REI, Sur La Table, Staples, 1-800 Flowers, Macy’s, Petsmart, Pier 1 Imports, Lowe’s, Old Navy & Nieman Marcus , just to name a few, when you shop online through the SYW Rewards Partners link.

What does a Personal Shopper do?

As a Personal Shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program, I

  • respond to client requests
  • research products & deals
  • search for products for my clients
  • create custom catalogs
  • send exclusive coupons to my clients
  • help my clients with customer service issues
  • teach my clients how to navigate the websites
  • teach my clients how to use SYW rewards so they can maximize their savings


I like to do my own shopping. Why would I want a Personal Shopper?

My clients receive exclusive coupons & reward point offers throughout the year that you can only receive from a Personal Shopper. I know Shop Your Way rewards program like the back of my hand & study the deals, so if you are looking for a deal, I can show you how to combine offers to get the most savings. I save my clients time & money by doing the research.  If you are moving or looking to buy a major appliance & want a great deal you have come to the right place. I can also create custom catalogs & check local availability. Bottom line is that my clients who work with me save more. You still get to do the shopping; I just help you save more.

How much can you really save?

How much you save depends on how much you shop & where you spend your money. SYW is the rewards program for Sears & Kmart. They want to reward their customers for loyalty, so the more you spend the more you save. You will find that the more you shop at Sears or Kmart, the more exclusive surprise point offers & coupons you will receive. One of my clients took advantage of every single SYW promotion & bonus point offer I told him about last Christmas & got $700 back in reward points. He ended up buying a mattress with the points. As a bonus, he also gained SYW VIP status which gave him even more reward points & discounts. Another client got $1800 back in reward points when I helped him with his appliance & mattress purchase that was the most I ever saw a client get back in points on one purchase. If you use all the great features available, like SYW coupons, surprise points, digital manufacturer coupons, bonus point offers & SYW MAX the savings can really add up.

I already have a Personal Shopper. Do I need to change?

No! You never have to change personal shoppers to get a deal.

How do I find a personal shopper who is a good match for me?

Every Personal Shopper has different talents, skills, abilities & interests. The important thing is to find a Personal Shopper who is a good match for your interests. Check out their page & their posts on ShopYourWay. See how active they are. Look at their catalogs. Look at their advice board posts. I specialize in moving, appliances, home & jewelry. I am knowledgeable in fashion, tools, tech, health & pets. I have created over 300 catalogs for my clients in a wide range of areas.

Once you select a Personal Shopper, that person should be your primary point of contact when you have questions or need help. If you have a Personal Shopper, you must contact them directly for coupons. Only your Personal Shopper can send you coupons.

I have a Sears credit card. Is this the same thing?

No, Sears credit is entirely separate from your SYW Rewards membership. Sears credit is a form of payment. Shop Your Way rewards is the rewards program for Sears & Kmart where you earn points.

Here’s how to add me as your Personal Shopper

1) You will have to log in first to Shop Your Way

2) Stay logged in & click on this “become a client” link to select me as your free Personal Shopper.




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