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How to Save More during Sears Family & Friends Events!!!

Sears Family & Friends Events (FFE) are a great way to snag a deal. They are often the best deals of the year. It’s like a big secret, and they happen every quarter with discounts of up to 20% off everything you need for your home. It’s often pretty hush-hush & they...

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Greek yogurt with raspberries

Sometimes you just want something with a light sweetness, but don't want a heavy dessert to finish a meal. A plain dish of Greek yogurt takes on an elegant twist when you add a bit of fresh fruit. I always use plain Greek yogurt because it doesn't have any sugar, it's...

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The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe, Ever!

Baking for each holiday is a family tradition in my family. It wouldn’t be a holiday without colorful sugar cookies! We bake them for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Over the years we have tried many recipes. I used to buy my mom all the...

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Top 7 Kmart Deals Ending Saturday 3/25/17

Here are the top 7 Bonus Point deals at Kmart this week for Shop Your Way members. The week ends on Saturday, March 25th at 12:00 PM CST, and new specials come out every week on Sunday. You must have a valid email on your Shop Your Way rewards account to qualify to...

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March Kmart Deals: Save Money & Earn Rewards thru 3/27

Have you checked out “This Month’s Savings Guide” from your local Kmart? You can find the flyer near the entrance when you shop at your local Kmart. Make sure to look for it when you shop so you can get the best deals. There is a new one every month. Here are my...

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