Thanks for selecting Lisa Stark as your Personal Shopper!

Welcome to Shop Your Way (SYW), the rewards program for Sears & Kmart. Thanks for selecting me as your Personal Shopper! I love finding great bargains. As a Personal Shopper, it’s my mission to help my clients find the best deals. You can login with your email and password at www.ShopYourWay.comwww.Sears.com, or www.Kmart.com. You will earn rewards when you shop on-line or in-store at Sears or Kmart, plus online at hundreds of Rewards Partners through ShopYourWay.com like Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Staples, Burger King, Sephora, Ulta & AT&T. If you link your credit card, you can even earn rewards at Burger King!

Here’s how to maximize your savings & get the most benefit out of having me as your Personal Shopper:

  • Confirm your SYW email if you want to get coupons.

This is a really important step if you want to save money. If you do not confirm your SYW email, you will only receive them once a month or less. 

  • Schedule a One-on-One with me.

Clients that do this get maximum savings! Let me introduce you to Shop Your Way so you can save more. I would like to schedule some time (at least 20-30 minutes) to get together with you by phone so I can show you will get the maximum discounts through Shop Your Way (SYW). Let me know what time would work best for you when you can be in front of the computer so I can walk you through on the phone. I have found that when my new clients take time to do this & their account is set up properly, I am able to help them save up to 20% more! My goal is to help you save more on the things you need & want. Make sure to go into your SYW account settings & confirm your email first (see above) so you’ll receive the discount coupons I send you. Contact me if you need help doing this.  You can also message me directly through the Personal Shopper link on the bottom of the ShopYourWay.com website.

  • Tell me what you want to save money on!
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My Catalogs

I have TONS of catalogs I have put together for my clients. I would be happy to make some recommendations for you, and if you tell me what you’re looking for I can create custom catalogs for you. I can also email you additional discounts or reward offers if you tell me what you are shopping for. The coupons I have generally expire within a week. Here are several of my favorite catalogs:

Falling Prices (clearance deals) & Bargain Glitz (fine jewelry clearance)…I never know what deals I’ll find next.

Here’s a link to my MenswearTrends: Women’s & Juniors  & SYW Tips catalogs.
​Let me know if you are shopping for something special & I can create a custom catalog for you

SYW Coupons from your Personal Shopper

As your Personal Shopper, I can send you coupons by email. Just call or email me to let me know what you are shopping for. When you receive the coupon, make sure to either click to load the coupon to your account digitally (log in to www.ShopYourWay.com first), or print it out for in-store purchases. Cashiers can also scan coupons from your phone or tablet.

Download the Shop Your Way APP for up to 20% in savings or points! (and get more coupons)

Text APP to 73277 to get the link sent to your phone.  Message & data rates may apply. The APP allows  you to download coupons digitally to your account. If you have a tablet, you can use this link to download the APP: http://www.shopyourway.com/mobile

You can also  load coupons on the ShopYourWay.com website using Coupons in the Rewards tab, but the coupons are different. I have found that the phone/tablet APP often has better, but more short-term coupons that expire in a day; it’s designed to be able to use while you ShopIn in the store. You can load both versions of coupons to your account. Keep in mind that you can only use one coupon per purchase, so if you have multiple coupons, just split up your order. Remember that any Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers invalidate all coupons & Surprise Points, so pay for BOGO offers separately. I say this because Kmart often has BOGO offers on shoes. This especially goes for layaways.

Surprise Points are awesome!

Make sure to click the “Follow” button on your Surprise Points page. I recommend checking your Surprise Points before you shop so you’ll know  what offers you have. Make sure to look at the fine print (store, department, exclusions, expiration date). If you don’t use them, they disappear. Here’s the link to see your Surprise Points: http://www.shopyourway.com/surprisepoints

Surprise Points are automatically generated by the SYW computer system. You get them based on what you purchase &     also based what you “want” and “like” on www.ShopYourWay.com. The website is hugely interactive & will customize to what you are looking for. Because Surprise Points are     system generated by the computer they cannot be replace if they expire. If you return an item, the Surprise Point offer will disappear & will not be refunded; I recommend if you     exchange something you purchased with Surprise Points, to ask a store manager to do an even exchange in a single transaction so you get the same price on the new item & don’t lose the Surprise Points.

In-Vehicle Pickup

When it comes to picking up an order, Sears makes it easy with “In-Vehicle Pickup” for your online purchases Here’s the link to find out more about Sears “In-Vehicle Pickup” &  watch the video. (embed video) In vehicle pickup is also available at some Kmart locations.


Sears Reserve It

Sears also has a great service called “Reserve It” where you can order on-line & try on in-store before you buy. Once your order is complete, they will hold it at the local store for you, and send you an email when it’s ready. Then you go to the special rack, try it on & see if it fits.

Key Phone Numbers

Shop Your Way Member Services: 1-800-991-8708

If you are missing reward points, call SYW member Services. They are open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 11 PM CST. They can refund missing regular reward points for you. Keep in mind that wait times may be longer during the holidays.

Sears.com: 1-800-283-6940 – for questions on Sears.com orders

Kmart.com: 1-866-562-7848 – for questions on Kmart.com orders

Feel free to email me your shopping list & I will be happy to find everything for you, fulfill the order & ship it to you. My job is to make your life easier!

Thanks again for picking me as your Personal Shopper. I look forward to working with you. Let me know whatever I can do to help

Your Personal Shopper,

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