Confirm Your SYW Email

My goal is to save you money. I love sending coupons to my clients!

Getting coupons for Sears & Kmart are one of the best perks of having a Personal Shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program. I have found that clients who do not confirm their email in their SYW account settings receive far less coupons from me. Make sure you have confirmed your email on SYW if you are my client & want to get more coupons from me. 

Here’s how to confirm your SYW email

1) Login to & click this link: to go to your account settings, or login and click on the Rewards tab up in the header, then scroll down & click on the grid box that says “My member card & PIN”.

2) Close out of the pop-up member card. You can do this by clicking the small “x” in the top right hand side of the pop-up.

4) Click on “Account” in the left hand column

5) Click the “Confirm your email” link in small print to the right of your email address

6) Open your email account & open up the email from Shop Your Way. Click the link inside the email to confirm your email. You must do both steps to confirm your email.

PRO TIP:  If you have completed  ALL the steps, you should see that the tiny “Confirm your email” link has disappeared when you refresh your account page. If this does not work, try it again or call SYW Member Services at 1-800-991-8708 for assistance.

If you haven’t selected your FREE Personal Shopper yet, add me as your FREE Personal Shopper! You will have to log in first to ShopYourWay, then click on this link to select me as your Personal Shopper:

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