Client Testimony

My experience with Lisa has been the epitome of excellent. She is easy to contact, easy to talk with and super knowledgeable about the product I asked her about. I like her attention to detail without being overwhelming or pushy. She connected me to a selling associate in my local Sears Store. I am a very busy executive and this experience has made the process of shopping for an air conditioner easy for me but Lisa made the experience complete. I will be using Lisa as my personal shopper from now on. Thank you, Lisa.



When I needed to buy a computer she helped me find one that would be good for our family that fit our budget. She saves me both time & money. I love the offers she finds for me.


If you love saving, Lisa can find deals like nobody’s business! She is THE go-to gal for anything you need to find a great bargain on. Give her your list and watch the savings pile up! How she does it, I’ll never know… But one thing is certain- she rocks the sales!



Goes above and beyond!



She’s helped me save money & informed me about different points I could earn by purchasing different merchandise. She is a very honest person, so I know I can trust her recommendations. She will steer me onto something that will be much better for me. Lisa sure does save me money! I think she’s’ saved me around $300 this year. She has gone above & beyond what I would expect. She calculated what size dehumidifier was right for my basement & which one would save me the most money in the long run.



Lisa is wonderful suggesting items at good prices. I love having her as my personal shopper.



I love the coupons I receive.


I love my Personal Shopper! She saves me lots and lots and lots of money. I love the way she makes me feel important and always manages to have time for me even though she has other clients. There is nothing that I would want to have changed. Please – Lisa- please stay just the way you are!



Professional, reliable and most helpful.

Lisa saves me time and money. Her emails come very often with useful and just “good bargain opportunities”. I find her research to be complete and authoritative. I find it very similar to having my own personal assistant in business. Lisa is ready at my call to begin any project I give her. I don’t think anything could be improved regarding my client relationship with Lisa.






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