About Me

Hi, I’m Lisa Stark, a Personal Shopper for Shop Your Way & a customer service expert with a passion for finding bargains. I’m a traveler and a planner. You’re equally likely to find me out hiking, whipping up something in the kitchen, crunching budgets, chatting with friends online, or researching my next adventure. Let me help you with surprise points & coupons. Find out about the latest deals & trends. I share my faves!  My goal is to help you save time & money! Want exclusive discounts & reward offers for Sears & Kmart? Here’s how to add me as your Personal Shopper: 1) You will have to log in first to Shop Your Way  2) then stay logged in & click on this “become a client” link to select me as your free Personal Shopper.

I moved to Greece for a few summers, during and after college. I have a wanderlust & love to travel, so I’m always up for a good adventure. Living with a family in Greece allowed me to learn the language quickly, explore the country with my adopted Greek family & learn about another culture.

I have always been thrifty, but I value quality. When I graduated from college with my degree in Biology I took my meager life savings from working during high school & enrolled in graduate modern dance classes for the summer. I had $5 a week for food so I had to figure out ways to cut corners & save money or starve. I started with hot dogs, cottage cheese & tomatoes, but that got old really fast. I made a pragmatic decision to go vegetarian & make everything from scratch simply because that allowed me to have a better quality of food & keep within my budget. The closest store within walking distance was a Co-op and it opened up a whole new world of organic option. It was an experience that taught me how to modify recipes & brought a whole new meaning to the word “thrifty”. It forced me to be really creative. I am still passionate about fresh foods, good quality and I try to eat as organically as possible. I believe that the less processed food we eat, and the more whole, natural foods we eat the healthier we are. While I am not vegetarian, I am a huge fan of local farms and try to incorporate as many fresh veggies into my meals as possible.

I got a job back in the US related to my biology degree, moved a bunch of times (8 times in one year so I am a bit of a moving expert) and life went on. I’m a bit of a policy wonk & puzzle solver so I love a good challenge. I got a job as a strategic planner & I was passionate about my work, but I worked so many hours that I amassed large amounts of vacation. I used my vacation to get a temp job doing high voltage electrical wiring on a boom crane & went dog sledding on the Iditarod Trail up in Alaska, an adventure of a lifetime. Fast forward a few years & life changed again. Suddenly the business I was working for closed & I scrambled to find work. A friend of mine introduced me to someone she met at a conference & within 2 weeks I was living and working as an expat in Romania. I later ended up traveling 300 days a year for work in the US. During the Great Recession life changed again, and I and many of my co-workers lost their jobs. See a trend here? Frugalness became the name of the game. My health insurance cost $1K a month & I sacrificed a lot to be able to afford it, my life savings to be exact. I cut back on everything & had to be creative to find work to make ends meet. Friends & family were amazed at how far I stretched my money. The one thing that I truly valued was great customer service.  I started this blog as a way to share tips & how to’s. I hope that my blog will help you stretch your dollars so that you can do more. In this journey, what I really learned was that life is not about spending more. It’s about doing more with what you have.

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