Hi Everyone! I love being a Personal Shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program. There are lots of changes coming to Shop Your Way that I want to tell you about. My contact information is changing for my Personal Shopper business. There is a new FREECASH program being rolled out at Sears & Kmart. Use the subscribe form on the right —–> to get the new FREECASH printable for FREE so you can use it while you shop. This post contains affiliate links.

For My Clients

My corporate email for SYW will be discontinued effective Friday, October 20, 2017, but you can still contact me through the Personal Shopper APP.  If you are one of my Personal Shopper clients, make sure to check your email for an email message that I sent out   on Thursday, October 19, 2017 with my new email and phone number.

I have created a new email for my Personal Shopper business, please be sure to add me to your contacts TODAY so you can reach me if you have questions or need help with your Shop Your Way rewards. If you can’t find the email I sent you, use the contact form on this website to send me a message with your account name so I can look you up on my client list & send you my new contact information.

New Changes to the Personal Shopper Program

Since 2014, if you lost your Personal Shopper’s contact information, you were able to go to your Personal Shopper Dashboard on ShopYourWay.com and find your Personal Shopper’s email and a text message number. Shop Your Way is changing how you can reach out to your Personal Shopper. As of Friday, October 20, 2017, clients will no longer see any contact information for their Personal Shopper on their dashboard or anywhere on ShopYourWay.com. Everything will be APP based, and you must download the Personal Shopper APP to your smart phone to be able to instant message your personal shopper.

Don’t worry! I am here to help my clients. I can send you SYWCoupons through the APP that will go directly to the email that you have on your SYW account.


SYW is rolling out a new FREECASH program that is designed to simplify how you can save money at Sears & Kmart. I have designed a FREECASH printable that you can download. It’s chock full of details for you on how to get your free cash. If you click the link over on the right to subscribe to “MyNewsletter” —-> I will email you the FREECASH printable so you take it with you to use in-store.

Use the subscribe form on the right to get my FREECASH printable so you can use it when you shop.

Use the subscribe form on the right to get my FREECASH printable so you can use it when you shop. —->

Shop Your Way rewards is a great way to save time & money. The ShopYourWay website lists all the products available on Sears.com, Kmart.com, and hundreds of your favorite stores that are SYW Rewards Partners. One of my favorite perks is that you can digitally load SYWCoupons to your rewards account to save more money. Having a personal shopper can save you even more time & money because they do all the research for you, suggest products based on your needs & can send you even MORE SYWCoupons! I really love being a personal shopper & I have gotten to know so many amazing people by serving them. 

If you are a ShopYourWay rewards member, a personal shopper is a FREE perk! You don’t pay anything for the extra customer service. Your personal shopper receives a small commission from SHC, the parent company for the SYW Rewards program, when you make a purchase. I have helped clients get thousands of dollars back in rewards. Let me help you save more & get more rewards! To select me, Lisa Stark, as your free Personal Shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program and get personal service, click here.

Here’s how to pick me, Lisa Stark, as your personal shopper for the Shop Your Way rewards program:

  1. You must first have an email on your SYW rewards membership. Call SYW Member Services at 1-800-991-8708 to have them add your email to your SYW rewards membership. This part is really important. If you skip ahead & don’t do this, it will create a duplicate account in the system (and your points won’t carry over).
  2. Wait 24-48 hours for the new email to show up in the SYW system, then log onto ShopYourWay.com and open up a browser window using a desktop computer. You will need to use the email you gave SYW (or the one you use in store if you already have an email on your membership). Do not sign in/connect with Facebook. Enter your email to sign in. They will ask you to create a password to use online. 
  3. Stay logged in to ShopYourWay.com (Don’t sign out!). Open up a new browser window & click this link to select me, Lisa Stark, as your free Personal Shopper. That will connect us through ShopYourWay.
  4. Download the Personal Shopper APP to your smart phone or tablet & login with your SYW email and password.