I love getting something for free or half-price! Who doesn’t? BOGO (Buy One Get One) is a great way to stretch your dollars, but you need to know the details on how to make it work so you can maximize your savings. The Shop Your Way Rewards program is one of my favorite reward programs & a great way to stretch your dollars. You earn rewards on purchases you make in-store or online, and you get to spend those reward points just like cash at Sears, Kmart & Land’s End. The Shop Your Way rewards program offers special offers all the time to encourage shoppers to buy at Sears & Kmart. New weekly offers come out every Sunday at 12:01 AM CST, and the clock is based on Central Standard time, where Sears Holdings Corporate offices are located. This post contains affiliate links. #sponsored

Different Ways to Save Using the Shop Your Way Rewards Program

You can save a bunch of different ways at Sears & Kmart using the Shop Your Way rewards program. Here is a breakdown of the different ways to save.

  • Regular Reward Points (also known as base points), that you earn on everything you purchase.
  • Bonus Reward Points – earn on special items, departments or groups of products, or can be earned by purchasing a certain dollar amount (like $10 back in points on a $50 purchase). Bonus points expire after a set period of time. Sears credit card offers frequently include bonus rewards on large purchases.
  • Shop Your Way Coupons – digital coupons that can only be used at Sears or Kmart. You can click to load them digitally to your account via individualized email offers, via the Rewards tab on ShopYourWay.com, or via the Shop Your Way APP, the Sears APP or the Kmart APP.
  • Manufacturer Coupons – digital manufacturer coupons to use at Kmart that you can load to your Shop Your Way rewards account via the Rewards tab on ShopYourWay.com or the Shop Your Way APP. You cannot print these out because they are only available digitally.
  • Surprise Points – individualized offers based on your past spending patterns at Sears & Kmart, and on what you “like” and “want” on ShopYourWay.com. Surprise points work like coupons to reduce your price. Each Surprise point offer has different exclusions.
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One) Offers – these offers are generally found at Kmart.

BOGO Offers

While you can stack many of the offers, there are a few exceptions. One of the exceptions is BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers, and it makes sense because Sears & Kmart are in business to make money. You will most frequently find BOGO offers in the shoe department at Kmart, on clothing or in the cosmetics department. Look for information in the local ads that come in your newspaper, online or near the store entrance for current information on weekly sales. You can also find out about current special at the Sears & Kmart websites, and on the Sears & Kmart APPS for Android & iPhone. When items go on BOGO, they are usually:

  • Buy One regular price, Get One FREE
  • Buy One regular price, Get One 50% off
  • Buy One regular price Get One for $1

When you read the fine print on a BOGO offer, you will see that BOGO offers exclude ALL coupons and ALL Surprise Point offers. Shop Your Way reward points are like coupons, because they reduce the overall price you pay for an item, much as a coupon does & they cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. The computer system will automatically apply the one best coupon that you have loaded digitally to your account when you check out in-store. When you shop online at either ShopYourWay.com, Sears.com or Kmart.com, you need to select the ONE best coupon that will apply to your purchase when you check out. When you purchase an item that qualifies for a BOGO offer, your entire cart is excluded from using coupons and surprise points, so if you want to use SYW coupons or surprise points, pay for BOGO items in a separate transaction.

Bottom Line

When you check out in-store and you have BOGO items in your cart, make sure to pay for your BOGO items separately if you want to use coupons or surprise points on the rest of your order. Just make sure that you meet the minimum purchase requirements for each offer. While you can stack: 1 coupon offer + regular reward points + 1 surprise point offer + 1 credit offer, everything is invalid if you have BOGO items in your cart.

So, when you are buying something marked BOGO, make sure you separate out those BOGO items from your cart & pay for them separately. This also applies to items you put in layaway. That way you can use coupons & surprise points on the rest of your order.